Nanban da!!

Well, donning the role of comedian in movies is not an easy task. Many people may be making their friends laugh with their funny comments, but definitely not good enough for a role in movies. Lets see what a comedian needs to possess and who from the 07C series have good chances.

This is the most important thing to be done. You can not put mokkais[ask Surya and Viswa what mokkai is, because i don’t know ;)] and claim you deserve a chance. You have to do comedies which make many people laugh. For that, your comedies should be understood by everyone. For experience, ask these people: Sai and Vishnu.

Comedies should come spontaneously to make people laugh. If you pause there, the flavour goes of.

This is something which can make people laugh when you start speaking, or add flavour to your comedies. One who has been doing this well is Puppy[Chandra Kumar]. His photo is not available in TCENet eventhough he has been honest here[ask him how ;)]. He has a slang which is good for comedies, and laughs at last[confident that others would laugh too].

Body Language:
Most important for a comedian. We burst out in laugh when we see certain people, and whatever they speak becomes a comedy. One such person is Ban. Your gestures will add that X-factor to your comedies.

And, these are people possessing only limited talents. The leader of the pack, who has almost all talents mentioned above is our great Chips. Serious competitors for Santhanam and Co.

Surya, Viswa, Sai, Vishnu, Puppy, Chips: என்ன கலாயிச்சுட்டாராம் 😛
Me: நண்பன் டா!!😉


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  1. Viswa’s mokkais affected list la en name a marandutiye da!


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