Nanban da!!

Well, donning the role of comedian in movies is not an easy task. Many people may be making their friends laugh with their funny comments, but definitely not good enough for a role in movies. Lets see what a comedian needs to possess and who from the 07C series have good chances.

This is the most important thing to be done. You can not put mokkais[ask Surya and Viswa what mokkai is, because i don’t know ;)] and claim you deserve a chance. You have to do comedies which make many people laugh. For that, your comedies should be understood by everyone. For experience, ask these people: Sai and Vishnu.

Comedies should come spontaneously to make people laugh. If you pause there, the flavour goes of.

This is something which can make people laugh when you start speaking, or add flavour to your comedies. One who has been doing this well is Puppy[Chandra Kumar]. His photo is not available in TCENet eventhough he has been honest here[ask him how ;)]. He has a slang which is good for comedies, and laughs at last[confident that others would laugh too].

Body Language:
Most important for a comedian. We burst out in laugh when we see certain people, and whatever they speak becomes a comedy. One such person is Ban. Your gestures will add that X-factor to your comedies.

And, these are people possessing only limited talents. The leader of the pack, who has almost all talents mentioned above is our great Chips. Serious competitors for Santhanam and Co.

Surya, Viswa, Sai, Vishnu, Puppy, Chips: என்ன கலாயிச்சுட்டாராம் 😛
Me: நண்பன் டா!!😉


Birthday Gift from an International Organisation

For people who read the full blog content only if the intro s interesting, here s what am gonna deal about: My CAMPUS PLACEMENT!! B-)

September s always special to me. And Sep 2010 has been more so because of some companies visiting our college for recruitment. For the past few months, many have been asking this question

Final year? got placed??

For all those well wishers, I have the answer now.

Yes. I got placed in Aricent. 🙂

Not all the bikes get started in the 1st kick. There was Deloitte, a financial consulting company which visited our campus on 6th Sep. I went till the final round, but was not selected. The truth is, I wont fit in that job coz, the final and most important round was the Telephone Interview. Gained experience, got rid of whatever little amount of fear I had, and was confident enough for Aricent, which visited a week later, on 14th Sep. This date i can never ever forget in my life.

Well, there was the much hyped MeritTrac Aptitude Test. We guys prepared the previous day to clear it. According to me, the apti test was easier than we expected, and I cleared it!! 🙂

The next round was something like a GD with a bit of case study involved. There was not any filtering involved here. Then, there was a Critical Information Form to be filled, which was used in the HR Interview. Here ends 14th Sep.

The next morning, I was in college by 8AM, and I was called in for the Interview by 12.10PM[enough time to get tensed, but I was not. Thanks to our class comedians ;)]. The Interview too was easier than what I expected. It went on for 40 mins.

  • Was asked to write a simple C program
  • Some basic questions in Software Testing
  • An explanation about the Network Layer of the OSI model
  • An explanation about Stack and Queue
  • An explanation about Paging in OS
  • And some HR questions from that Critical Info Form

Then, I got the information that they would announce the results only around 2AM the next morning. So, I came home and slept 😉

16th Sep morning 2AM: My mobile rings. My mom woke me up. It was my friend Mr. SP with that happy news!!

Aricent has given me a great Birthday Gift!! And my b’day was on 14th Sep!! 🙂 🙂

There were many of my friends supporting me throughout telling “Hey, you ll be placed in this company as it s coming on ur b’day!!”. And there s history behind this. TCE has placed its students in companies that visit on their b’days. U rock TCE!! :). 100% record AFAIK!! :). Thank you all!!

Time to thank my Parents, Teachers, Friends and all others who have supported me in my life!! Hope it all continues and I achieve more in my life!! All d Best to my frends waitin for a better company and Congrads to all who got placed!! 🙂

The Perspective

Well, it s a medical miracle….the laziest guy u know has started blogging!! 😉

Everyone in this world has their own way of seeing things. We may get a little bit astonished to know how other people view something which s of a great importance to us, and the vice versa.

I too was put into a similar situation. My +2 marks played a gr8 role in my life. It has put me into a good college[that no company has come for placement still now s another thing x-( 😦 ]. I scored 1145/1200 in HSc(really :D). I was very much excited, as i never expected such high marks. But just realized the above para then.

The perspective of people around me:

Parents: Wow, gr8 goin my son!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 [but their mind voice: u cud ve worked a lil bit harder n scored more… :P]

Grand parents: the state 1st s 118x(I don remember it :P)…you are just some 40 marks less…superb!! 🙂

Friends: dei….epdi da avlo score pannina?!?!?!? super da

Skool Teachers: Gud, but could ve scored more…no centums???

Physics Sir: Sad that u got only 194. But it all happens. 🙂 [Practical man]

Chemistry Mam: gr8!! u r d skool 1st in my subject!! 🙂 🙂

Maths tuition sir: Maths la 196 thana?? very low 😦

Milkman, driver, etc: Pass a thambi…super!! 😀 😀

Here comes an analysis. Every parent s happy when their child scores more, but wants even more[ungalukku lam evlavu mark vanginalum pathathu]. Ma grandpa was thinking about the state 1st and compared our marks[hmm…nalla point!!]. Friends. Its natural that v r a bit happy wen v score more than our friends, and sad when our friend scores more than us. But v all feel happy for their success.

For teachers, u r one among the many they trained. So, they r jus happy for ur success. My tuition sir was an extraordinary intelligent. Nothing but centum will do for him. For the last group of people, result s jus pass or fail.

So, NARASIMHAN has started blogging!! 😀 😀 😉

Hello world!

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